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eduroam Registration Guidelines


0. What is eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is the world-wide WLAN roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It is now available worldwide and offered by the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Japan.

URL : http://www.eduroam.jp

  As Osaka University is a participant in eduroam, all Osaka University members can obtain Internet connectivity across campus and at other participating institutions as well as eduroam access points worldwide.

1. How to register

Registration procedures differ at each participating institution.
Osaka University members may register from the registration page (see 1.1 User Registration Page below). If you are not an Osaka University member, please follow your affiliated institution’s registration procedures.

1.1 User Registration Page

To register for eduroam, access My Handai at the link below and click on the “eduroam User Registration” link at the top of the page.

URL : https://my.osaka-u.ac.jp

1.2 User Registration Manual

The user registration manual, “Registering for eduroam with My Handai,” is here.

2. Setup for WLAN (eduroam)

Please read the following instructions carefully since setting up eduroam setup is different from setup for a typical WLAN.

2.1 eduroam Setup Manuals

eduroam setup manuals for each device are available at the eduroam Japan website operated by NII. (Available in Japanese only)

URL : http://www.eduroam.jp

2.2 Important Points for Setup

After your eduroam registration process is finished, please check your connection on campus. If you complete your initial settings off campus and have trouble with the connection, the problem may be due to the WLAN access point, user settings, or the ODINS service, so it may take longer to determine the cause of the problem.
Therefore, we strongly recommend you try to connect on campus before using eduroam off campus.

3. FAQs

Q. After I apply, how soon will I be able to use eduroam?

A. You will be able to use eduroam within three (3) business days of the submission of your application. If you are unable to use eduroam after four (4) business days following your application, please contact the ODINS Team at the email address in section 4.

Q. Is it possible to apply on behalf of another Osaka University member?

A. No. Each user must register by him/herself at the My Handai as each individual is responsible for agreeing to the terms of use.

Q. I have set up eduroam as prescribed in the manual. However, I cannot use eduroam. What is wrong?

A. The following are the two major causes and solutions.

  1. You are trying to use eduroam where eduroam’s signal is weak or there is no signal. Please try again at another access point where eduroam’s signal is strong.
    At Osaka University, you can use eduroam at WLAN access points which have been installed by the ODINS Team. Please refer to the “WLAN access points” page for information about the locations of access points at Osaka University.

    URL: https://www.odins.osaka-u.ac.jp (Available in Japanese only)

  2. There are many WLAN users and the network is congested. Please try again later at another access point where eduroam’s signal is strong.

4. Inquiries

If you have any inquiries concerning eduroam, please contact us as below. If you are unable to connect to eduroam, please include the information in section 4.2 in your inquiry.

4.1 Contact Information

  • ODINS Team
  • Information and Communications Technology Services Infrastructure Division
  • Department of Information and Communications Technology Services
  • Email: odins-contact at odins dot osaka-u dot ac dot jp

4.2 Provide this information when inquiring about eduroam connection problems

  • Osaka University Personal ID
  • OS and version of device
  • Time and date (Japan time) of connection failure
  • Access spot
  • Information about the error (detailed description is preferred)
  • Status of eduroam connection (success/failure) on an Osaka University campus
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